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JiMi April 2021 order!


  • Due to the limited amount of flights going in and out of countries, Korea post is currently only offering EMS as a shipping option to all countries.
  • EMS (express) shipping which normally takes around a week is now estimated to take somewhere between 1-2 months.
  • Korea post reports that there may be more delays due to staff shortage caused by covid.
  • If you need the products in a hurry, we suggest you check our time frame before ordering
  • If we can not collect enough orders for a certain product, we will inform the involved artists and will issue a refund

Temporary suspensions:

  • There are certain parts of the world where we currently can not ship to using Korea Post. The list of countries is constantly changing and we will try our best to stay on top of them. We currently can’t ship to the following locations:
      • Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Hawaii (United States of America), Iceland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil, Portugal, Qatar, Turkey, Ethiopia, Jordan, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Peru, Switzerland, Tunisia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Georgia, Ghana, Maldives, Mozambique, Oman, Pakistan, Romania, Rwanda, Tanzani, Uganda and Zambia
      • P.O. Box addresses are also facing issues. Please give us an alternative address.

Available products:

  1. Playing cards (Broken Glass Prism) @ 400 copies/design (limited slot)
  2. Card wallets
  3. Charm Wipers
  4. Washi Sticker Sheets (Kiss Cut)
  5. Matte Paper Sticker Sheets (Kiss Cut)
  6. Matte Vinyl Sticker Sheets (Kiss Cut) NEW!
  7. Holo Vinyl  Sticker sheets (Kiss Cut)  (with Star prism holo coating) NEW!
  8. Holo Paper Sticker Sheets (Kiss Cut) (with Star prism holo coating)
  9. Holo Clear Sticker Sheets (Kiss Cut) (with Star prism holo coating)

Important Dates:

  • Registration open: April 6th, 6 PM ET
  • Last day to register: April 15
  • All Art files due: April 16th, 10 PM ET
  • Playing cards shipped: ~April 26 – May 3rd
  • Card Wallets, Charm wipers, and sticker sheets shipped:  Late May-Early June

Please read over our  FAQs section before ordering.
If you are a first-timer with us, please also read over our  How to Order page

There are limited slots for products this round so registrations may close earlier than our last day for registration.
Products with not enough interests will be canceled and refunds will be issued promptly.

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